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More Information Regarding Lameness in Dairy Cattle

A collection of useful resources from around the web.

Web Pages

Healthy Feet Programme: DairyCo
Detailed, easy to follow, pages produced for DairyCo’s My Healthy Feet programme. Topics covered include lameness and mobility, current research, husbandry and prevention, physiology, nutrition, genetics and common problems & solutions.

Lameness: Organic Vet
The organic vet page gives a detailed overview of the condition, methods of control and prevention, treatment options, welfare considerations and good practice in relation to lameness; giving reference to scientific publications.

Reducing Lameness in Dairy Cows: TheDairySite
The article on this page, produced by Wealfare Quality, outlines the implications of lameness. The article offers practical tips for the prevention of lameness and encourages farmers to develop a control strategy.

Technical Notes

Dairy Cattle Lameness - Practical Solutions to a Persistent Problem: Defra 
An in-depth publication highlighting the importance of lameness control and discussing the main husbandry factors and veterinary factors involved with dairy cattle lameness.

Foul in-the-foot (Interdigital Nerbacillosis): NADIS
Easy to follow summary of foul in the foot, covering the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Lameness in Dairy Cattle: Proceedings from the 2000 Kentucky Dairy Conference
An American paper that provides detailed information on the various causes/types of lameness. The paper also includes a section focusing on the why, when and how to foot trim.

Lameness Control In Dairy Herds (Module): NADIS
NADIS have produced a set of eight short bulletins to form an educational module focusing on preventing the various forms of lameness within the herd.

  1. Part 1: Practical Foot Trimming (Duchy 5 Step Method)
  2. Part 2: Mobility Scoring - How Do You Do It?
  3. Part 3: White Line Lesions - Causes, Treatment and Control
  4. Part 4: Sole Ulceration - Causes, Treatment and Control
  5. Part 5: Digital Dermatitis - Causes, Treatment and Control
  6. Part 6: Foot Bathing and Improving Foot Hygiene
  7. Part 7: Cubicle Comfort - Increasing Lying Times
  8. Part 8: Herding, Cow Tracks and Cow Flow
Scientific Papers

SRUC Barony Campus Dairy Event Ronnie Hattle Interview with Ken Rundle - Cattle Footcare: SRUC


Cogent Dairy Works

  1. Cogent Dairy Works Part 1 of 5 - Alan Radbourne, Arla, introduces Cogent Dairy Works
  2. Cogent Dairy Works Part 2 of 5 - Martin Partington from GEA explains about how the environment impacts on lameness.
  3. Cogent Dairy Works Part 3 of 5 - NWF's Mike Phillips talks about nutritional causes of lameness
  4. Cogent Dairy Works Part 4 or 5 - Simon Moseley from Cogent explains all about breeding to prevent lameness.
  5. Cogent Dairy Works Part 5 of 5 - Vets Chris Just and Rosemary Booth discuss veterinary aspects of lameness.

DairyCo Mobility Score Quiz
This video features 10 cows which you are asked to assign a mobility score. Answers are at the end of the video.

Dairy Cow Welfare: Staffordshire University
A seven minute documentary exploring the issues surrounding dairy cow welfare, and in particular, lameness.

Cattle Foot Trimming: Farmers Weekly
Dealing with sole ulcers and when to trim.

Cattle Mobility Scoring: Farmers Weekly
Why to mobility score and possible causes of lameness.

Cogent Dairy Works Seminar at Harper Adams Combating Lameness
Video for highlights from Cogent's first Dairy Works seminar of 2009 at Harper Adams. The interactive workshops were aimed at young people and the hot topic was lameness. According to a recent survey by DairyCo, the average cost of a case of lameness stands at about £150, so how can farmers protect themselves from this?


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