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More Information Regarding Mastitis

A collection of useful resources from around the web.

Web Pages

Careful Targeting Reduces Mastitis: DairyCo
Becky Floate from The Dairy Group discusses why control plans are important tools when managing mastitis.

Mastitis in Dairy Cows: DairyCo
A selection of detailed, easy to follow, pages produced by DairyCo about mastitis. Pages include the DairyCo mastitis control plan, pathogens - the cause of mastitis, symptoms of mastitis, working arena - prevention of infection, records/tools, and 5 point plan - mastitis prevention.

Mastitis: Organic Vet
The organic vet page gives a detailed overview of the condition, methods of control and prevention, treatment options, welfare considerations and good practice in relation to mastitis; giving reference to scientific publications.

Technical Notes

Mastitis Control and Management (Modules): NADIS
NADIS have produced two sets of five short bulletins to form an educational module focusing on preventing the control and management of mastitis within the herd.

  • Module 1
  1. Part 1: The Importance of Mastitis
  2. Part 2: The Bacteria
  3. Part 3: Getting The Most From Cell Counts
  4. Part 4: Detecting and Treating Clinical Mastitis
  5. Part 5: Bactoscan Problems and Solutions

  • Module 2
  1. Part 6: Good Parlour Routine
  2. Part 7: Teat Disinfection
  3. Part 8: Dry Cow Therapy
  4. Part 9: The Milking Machine
  5. Part 10: Environmental Mastitis



"The Udder Doctor" - Producing Quality Milk and Reducing Mastitis
Presented by Dr Andy Johnson at a meeting organised by DairyCo in association with Myerscough College in 2011. Dr Andy Johnson, also known as the ‘The Udder Doctor’, is a vet from Wisconsin.


Mastitis in Dairy Herds: Scottish Agricultural College
'Livestock productivity is hugely influenced by animal health and welfare and in dairy herds mastitis is one of the biggest challenges to productivity.'


DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan - With Professor Green: DairyCoAHDB
DairyCo webinar with Professor Green of Nottingham University. This episode explain the key findings from the final report on the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan years 1-3. Taken from a live broadcast.

Milk Sampling for Mastitis Bacteriology: Westpoint Vets
A look at the correct technique for taking good quality milk samples for bacteriology, and a look behind the scenes at the Westpoint Veterinary Group laboratory

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